Tapestry Poetry  

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About Shernaz

Born in Surat, Gujarat, India I did my schooling in St. Joseph's High School, Bulsar and then joined Wadia College, Pune, Maharashtra, India. 

Born as a Parsi Zoroastrian I follow the basic tenet of my religion "Good thoughts, Good words, Good deeds. I believe in Live and Let Live as we journey through this adventure called life. 

I trained as a school teacher and taught for a short period in St. Xavier's School, Surat. After that I tutored students from home. 

Always interested in reading and writing I used to write poems from school days and kept them in a private notebook. Only recently, upon the urging of a friend, I started posting my work in e-journals and magazines, mostly on boloji.com and MuseIndia.com My poems have also been published in various anthologies and have won me a few prizes too. 

 Apart from this book of Tapestry Poetry, I have also published a book of my own poems titled "Whispers of the Soul".

Peace, love and light to all who visit this site. And as you go through our book may you find delight in the poems we have had so much pleasure in writing.

About Avril;

I was born in Edgware General Hospital, Edgware, Middx in November,1944 where I also gave birth to my four children. My parents, Enid and Jack Altman were both born to Jewish immigrants from Russia/Poland.

 I attended Deansbrook primary school and then Copthal County Grammar School; both in Mill Hill. 

I studied physiotherapy at St Mary's Hospital School of Physiotherapy in Paddington, London and after qualifying in 1997 I worked,  til my first child was born, in Edgware General Hospital specializing in pediatric physiotherapy . Ten years later I went back to work worked as a pediatric physiotherapist in a school for special needs children and later in an adult  Brain Injury Unit and also in an Adult Psychiatric hospital. During this time I studied several complimentary therapies which I incorporated into my physiotherapy work.

In 1980 my husband and I  decided to emigrate, with our four young children, to Israel and stayed in an an absorption center in Mevessert Zion near Jerusalem but, for various reasons, we had to return to London after a year. It was only after another seventeen years, when we had both retired,  that  emigrated again and now live in  in the center of Jerusalem. 

I am deeply  connected to my Jewish religion and aspire to live by its basic tenet of ‘Love your fellow as yourself’ and to see the good in all people.

My poems have appeared in various literary journals and anthologies in Israel, USA and India and have  published,  apart from the "Tapestry Poetry a book of my own poems titled  "Dancing with the Wind" a poetic journey through the joys, pains and wonders of life.

Photo: Shernaz (left) and Avril when we met in Mumbai  in February 2010