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A Poem by B. M. Franklin (1882 - 1965)

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My life is just a weaving

Between my Lord and me.

I cannot choose the colors

He weaves so skillfully.


Sometimes He weaveth sorrow

And I in foolish pride

Forget He sees the upper

And I the underside.


Not ‘til the loom is silent

And the shuttles cease to fly

Will God unroll the canvas

And explain the reasons why-


The dark threads are as needful,

In The Weaver’s skillful hands

As the threads of gold and silver

In the pattern He has planned.


Tapestry Poetry - A Fusion of Two Minds A Review By Padmaja Iyengar

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If you wish to get drenched in a soft rain of words, if you wish to savour the ambrosia of sheer poetry, if you wish to be treated to a fusion music of lovely lyrical sounds, then just start browsing through the pages of ‘Tapestry Poetry – A Fusion of Two Minds’ by Avril Meallem, and Shernaz Wadia. I did that and am left asking for more...!

Dr. Kumarendra Mallick, a scientist and a poet, begins his Foreword to the book by asking, “Can there be a sky without birds, a sea without colours and girls in spring without dreams?” And he goes on to answer his own questions by saying, “Perhaps never, so also there shall be no poets without imagination....It is also true that mind is a flow of thoughts. Thus, mind, thoughts and poetry are inter-related and provide a 3-D view of the society from sublime to mundane...” How True! I have never before read a more succinct explanation for the poetic process and expression....

In their Preface to the book Avril and Shernaz describe ‘Tapestry’ as “...a genre of poetry composition in partnership. When the variegated threads of our two distinctly individual poems are woven together, the result is a word-scape that stands by itself. We chose the term ‘Tapestry’ as it beautifully captures the sentiment and essence of this form”

According to the two poets, separated by two continents as Shernaz lives in India and Avril in Israel, “We met in Mumbai, India in February, 2010 and decided to work together on a style of collaborative poetry writing whereby each writer composes a nine line poem on a title chosen by one of us. Then the two poems are interlaced line by line with minimal changes. (Avril had once worked with this form in Israel). After a few tries at this via email, we decided to form our own rules whereby far greater editing and mixing of lines is undertaken....Thus we embarked upon what turned out to be a most challenging and exciting poetic journey...to try out this innovative genre of collaborative poetry writing”

What a journey! What a collaboration! And indeed, what a tapestry of poems! This concluding verse taken from ‘On the Same Wavelength – Tapestry’ (Page 23) – sums up their partnership and meeting of minds beautifully:

As kindered spirits,

Let us rejoice and celebrate

As we merge into one entity

And soar through the universe

On a single song;

A new purpose to fulfil.

Avril Meallem and Shernaz Wadia’s ‘Tapestry Poetry’ is a rich and varied offering of 9-line poems written individually by Avril and Shernaz on a single topic and then artistically interwoven into tapestry poems of vivid designs. From the four seasons – ‘Winter Sky’, ‘Spring’, ‘Summer Flowers’ and ‘Autumn’, to the beauty of nature through its ‘Roots and Branches’, ‘Sun Rays’, ‘Snow Flakes’, ‘Hidden Pearls’, ‘Beneath the Waves’, to ‘Coming Home’, ‘When the Gate Opens’ with ‘Sounds of Silence’ – one’s mind weaves one’s own tapestry through these poem titles in the book!

Irrespective of the topic, each individual poem and each tapestry delves into the recesses of their mind to etch out a philosophy of life that is at once deep yet easily understood.

Will there be more journeys to complete

as I zigzag down the maze?

Or will I have come home

when I reach the vast ocean?


In the cycle of my soul

will this rambling life morph

into eternal Light Divine?

(‘Coming Home’ – Tapestry – Page 49)


my song

no words


my destiny

in the silence of being



softly it emanates

from a place of grace


the sound of silence

secures my spirit



my song

softly emanates

from a place of grace


the sound of silence

secures my spirit


my destiny

in the silence of being

(Avril and Shernaz)


(Excerpts from the poems and ‘The Sound of Silence – Tapestry’ – pages 56 and 57)


The above poems and Tapestry are just a sampling of how the two poets, residing across continents, have been able to think independently and then find a common ground for their poems. Here’s another that just blew me away:

A flicker of light tell me that

I can change my story,

re-write my song, so that

another path will be smoother

Another’s feet will find thorns forever

for my having embraced

every journey with joy and surrender

and traversed unafraid

the spiny course of the undergrowth


(‘Travelling Through the Thicket – Tapestry’ – Page 71)


One cannot miss the poets’ deep philosophy on the journey called life in the above Tapestry. I could find an immediate personal connect with this one...

‘Open Hand’, ‘Prison of Pain’, ‘Corruption’, ’Seeds of Hatred’, ‘Boom!’ and a few others amply articulate the concerns of the poets on a variety of issues that are common across continents in this 21st century too.


It is not easy to review a book of this kind that on every page, has a multi-layered poem each on the same topic by the two poets, that have been then merged into a single poem through the sheer magic of their word craft and wordplay.

‘Tapestry Poetry – A Fusion of Two Minds’ surely provides one an altogether new understanding, appreciation and experience of the sheer joy of poetry reading. Even for the one uninitiated into poetry, this book offers a rich fare of reading pleasure to develop a love for poetry...because of its novel approach and innovative genre. No better way to get hooked to poetry, I believe...

A small piece of advice – this is a book that deserves to be acquired for keeps as a treasure....


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